Clearly it is a great business for Multiplus Mart because we are targeting 100 franchisees across Gujarat/India and are asking for an investment of Rs 25 lakhs 

Let’s look at the franchisee now.

Criteria of Minimum Requirements :-

• 1500 to 3000 Sq. Ft. Minimum Area Required

• Security Money: INR 2500000 with Multiplus Mart Pvt. Ltd. Legal Bond Agreements

• Computer  +  Printer  +  Software  +  Branding  +  Company Color Code  +  Office Furniture 

• Franchisee Opening TIME : 30 - 45  Days After Agreement Sign-up.

• If Area Franchisee Owner Order Materials with in Target Slabs, Then Delivery Courier Cost Paid by Company.

• First time Stock delivered by Company Expenses, after that if order under Target  then Courier Charges paid by Owner.

• Material order delivery time is 3 - 5 Days after clearing  order & Payments [excluding Holidays].

• In any Rural Area or interior Part of city Franchise opened, it takes delivery time approx. 7 days [excluding Holidays].

• All term & Conditions are Applicable as mention on Multiplus Mart Policies are written on Agreements.

Franchise Owner Benefits:-

• Bank Interest Rates on Security Deposit [interest cheque delivered on every franchisee anniversary its means if any owner surrender franchisee be for complete a year the interest can not be payable.

• 9 % Marginal Benefits on total business c.v. on monthly basis.

•  Extra Benefits on Target Basis Slabs [company will announce Target every month on month ]

•  Special TOURS of Franchisee Owners on Target Achievements like Domestic or International .

• Assume I take a franchisee of Multiplus Mart . Now I sell goods on my place. 

• Assuming I can sell to 100 customers  in a day and the order size is C.V. 1000 

Daily average value of goods sold per franchisee =  C.V. 100,000

• Monthly average value of goods sold per franchisee  =  Rs. 30,00,000

Now the important stuff, MARGINS !

• Gross Margins (c.v. of goods sold) of  9%.

• Annually franchisee could potentially sell goods worth C.V. 3,60, 00,000/- lacs.

Margins of 9% = Rs 32,40,000/- per annum.

• So, a franchisee can make an income of Rs 2,70,000/- per month  !

• So basically on an investment of Rs. 25 lacs, you can start making  Rs.32,40,000/- annually.


Franchise Surrender:-


• When Franchisee owner surrender the system of franchise model first inform to their area Sponsor or Leader.


• Then inform to company via E-mail with Reasons and also CALL REGISTER to SURRENDER of FRANCHISE in office.


• After Cancellation Letter of Franchisee Agreement with NOC letter Company will Refund your Security Money.


• Your Security MONEY will be refund within 30 Days after Cancellation of Agreements date.


Note :-


 If any changes are made by company in Franchise Models they are only Applicable from new Franchise Structures initial opened Franchise are not take any effects on them. While if their owner are insists to claim benefits of further new models, then there Franchisee Structure will be renewed or Upgraded with present Running Models.


Call your Sponsor or Leader or Contact to head  Office for more details. or apply now